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Wrino Boat Mooring Hook - Everyones boat accessory must have!

by  Wrino on 16/06/2014

Boats are fun, a great way to relax, and just about as dangerous as an activity can get without involving falls from great heights. Aside from the obvious hazard of drowning, there are a whole range of nasty death-inducing injuries that can come about as a result of being crushed between a multi-ton yacht or cruiser and the immovable force that is the wooden/concrete pier ( View more )

Wrino Boat Products Launches New and Improved Website

by  Wrino on 30/06/2014

Wrino understands that their national and international clients want the best in service, and in response, they launched a new site with a brand new look. Specifically designed to provide better service to clients, the site features quality product descriptions, videos, high definition pictures and more. 

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Every now and then a product arrives on the boating scene that makes you think “ Why didn’t I think of that?” Peter Wright from Wrino (Wright...

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Now with the Wrino I can simply pull alongside the dock up to a couple of metres away and still get an aft line on a dock cleat. Or in fact I could...

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