14mm X 10M Dock-line

Dock-lines with wRino Rapid Length Recognition

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6 metre dockline
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  • Dock-lines with wRino Rapid Length Recognition
  • 6 metre dockline

WHAT IS RLR (Rapid Length Recognition)

A wRino invention

Our dock-lines are colour coded: A coloured tag is added to the dock-line, to make it easier to recognise the correct line length when retrieving lines from storage

Many dock-lines are used on a boat and their lengths vary according to their requirement e.g. short lines are used to tie bow and stern to dock cleats and longer lines called spring lines prevent forward or rearward movement.

And when the dock-lines are not in use they are stored in a storage locker.

During docking, time is critical; particularly in bad weather and when the dock- lines are required the skipper or a helper must quickly determine which length lines are required, but when all the lines in the storage locker are mixed together and all are the same colour e.g. black. How can you tell which dock-lines are the ones you need.

To overcome this problem we colour code the lines so that the line lengths can be instantly recognised

E.g. 6m = blue, 8m = green, 10m = red, etc.

We add a 50mm coloured heat shrink over a base component that holds heat shrink to nylon. (It is difficult to make anything adhere to nylon).

 Now when the skipper requires a particular dock-line he can simply tell crew the colour.

Why Nylon dock-lines

A nylon dock-line has natural elasticity when combined with double braid construction,

this reduces shock loadings that result from wind gusts, passing boat wakes and current change.

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