Wrino Boat Products Launches New and Improved Website


Wrino understands that their national and international clients want the best in service, and in response, they launched a new site with a brand new look. Specifically designed to provide better service to clients, the site features quality product descriptions, videos, high definition pictures and more.


Wrino Boat Products is the company behind the highly desirable Wrino Boat Hook. The boat hook is specifically designed to assist boaters with docking tasks. It helps boaters pickup lines from flat surfaces and also helps with attaching lines to small cleats. The lassoing cleats on the boat make it easy to lasso pylons and cleats. It even features an optional snap hook, making it easy to attach the hook to buoys, toeing eyelets and more. This product also comes with a telescoping handle that provides improved strength. This combination boat hook and boat mooring system is an innovative product, which shows customers how Wrino stands out in the boating industry.


The newly launched website features a design that makes navigation easy. Along with easy navigation, Wrino’s new website also makes it easy for clients to purchase the innovative boating products available from the company. With faster loading times and well-designed pages, the new site offers the best user experience possible when visitors arrive at the website.


While Wrino is a premier boat product company within Australia, the company caters to customers in Australia and around the globe. A commitment to customer service make the company a popular choice for boaters. With the new and improved website, Wrino is taking their service to a new level, providing excellent service, products and boating information