Moccasin style safety sock slippers

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Grippers are Indoor footwear for wear on boats and in the home, footwear for the prevention of fall injury, the second highest cause of serious boating injury in Australia “Falls within a vessel”.

Grippers are designed by Wright Innovation (WRINO), a winner of the Australian International Design Award, for both men and women.

The low cut moccasin is easy to slip on and take off.

And In cold weather grippers can also be worn over socks.


Construction:  85% Cotton 15% spandex upper that expands to fit, with a thickened vulcanised non-slip sole  for exceptional grip. 

Sizes:  Large (L) recommended for men and medium (M) recommended for women.

For footwear sizes L = 8 to 10    M = 5 to 7

Design:  Designed by Wright Innovation - wRino, (An Australian Design Award winner) Grippers are attractive, soft, modern slippers, for indoor wear on boats and in the home. The moccasin design is low cut, making it easy to put them on and take them off. And when the weather gets cold, Grippers can be worn over socks, to prevent slipping and falling.

Why Grippers are important:

The number of serious injuries due to falls is more than all other indoor serious injuries combined and in many cases, fall injury can be life changing by crippling.

On a boat the chance of fall injury is increased by wave motion and/or unexpected wash from passing vessels.

The Australian government marine safety committee (NMSC) reports that “Falls within a vessel” is the second major cause of serious boating injury and that an average hospital cost estimate for serious injury is $330,000.00 (2009 estimate).

The Grippers non-slip sole substantially prevents slipping and falling.

Need a gift idea?

For the small price of AU$9.90 Grippers make a very comfortable, beneficial and affordable gift.

The Australian National Marine Safety Committee (NMSC) reported “Falls within a vessel” as the second highest cause of serious boating injury, and the average hospital costs for serious boating injury was estimated at $330,000.00 (Ref: dated 12/11/2009).

Fall injury can be horrendous; and grippers can prevent such injury

Source: Boating Incidents in NSW, Prepared by the Office of Boating Safety and Maritime Affairs, Transport for NSW

Major Incident Type 2002-2012

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