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Grommet, is a word from the bygone sailing ship days, and means an eye or Loop and mainly refers to two ends of a line spliced together to create a single loop.

The wRino grommet is simply a very small diameter cord loop,

Our innovation is a unique method of splicing the cord line ends together, this splice method also creates a stiffened section that holds the loop open.

The grommet is attached to a line by threading the loop through itself. The open Grommet loop section is easy to catch with a wRino boat/docking hook or boathook

The wRino Grommet makes boating life easier for the following reasons


1)  When docking at your jetty with lines held in place on pylons. A grommet attached to a dock line eye at its midpoint, holds the dock-line eye open for easy line pickup from the boat.

2)  When attached to a line, the line can be easily picked up from a flat surface, such as a deck

3)  When attached to the release clip of a mooring hook, it is easier to disconnect the hook from a ring or buoy, particularly at night or in bad weather

4)  When attached to dock-lines used together with a wRino. It is easier to release a dock-line from a dock cleat. It is easier to release a dock-line from a pylon

5)  Can be used to hang wet lines up to dry before storing. These are just a few examples of the wRino Grommet use.

Personal:  I remember a grommet very well.

During the years working as a steelfixer/dogman for a construction company that built high-rise buildings in steel (E.A.Watts).

We rode the tower crane hook in a grommet.

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